Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not a year end list: teasers for 2012

it's a bad year for the world to end.

here are some snippets about what to look forward to in the new year that will perhaps grow up to be full fledged stories all their own, some day.  If the fiery Mayan apocalypse doesn't get to them first.

New Years Evolutions

Tidings of Good Will -- Bistro Europa's Chef Steven Gedra and the Nickel City Notable Christa Glenny-Seychew are joining forces for a charity event in hopes to offer assistance to the local farms that need some help keeping Buffalo's restaurants in high style with their home grown products.  Locavores unite!  More as this story develops...

Football and Food -- The Buffalo News reported earlier in the year that the Left Bank crew is opening an establishment on Hertel Avenue.  It has recently come to light that the bar's theme is said to derive from European style soccer bars.  Not sure what style of cuisine they'll employ yet, or how upscale it will be, but i'm sure they'll have no trouble packin it in come World Cup season.

Cheese Goes High Tech -- Nickel City Cheese is slated to be the first in Buffalo to start working with a new, iPad based POS system from the guys at the Falcon Tech Group.  As higher ups at Falcon Tech put it: "We think this system can and will be a big hit with Buffalo area restaurants due to its ingenuity (all wireless/web based back end/online ordering, etc..) and the fact that the price point is almost 50% of a comparable system from Micros or Aloha." Check out how it works here, it actually looks pretty awesome.

Fat Bob's Changes Barbecue Covered Hands -- Tony Piccione, the owner of the beloved Buffalo BBQ joint has in fact, already retired, leaving the business in the care of his nephew Patrick Ryan.  Maybe as his first order of business, he'll dim the lights in there a bit.  This is Buffalo, we're not used to so much light.

Into the Mix -- The old location of the Royale Pheasant on Forest Avenue, across from the Richardson Complex, is playing host to a new establishment simply titled "Mix."  The bar is said to be themed around a cocktail list heavy on the mixology.  Calling all Tom Cruises...

Clean Slate -- Word on the street is that Vera Pizzeria has, in the short while it's been open, paid off the loan it was supposed to take five years to pay off.  Five YEARS.  Congratulations, Vera crew.  Way to kick off what should be an excellent first year.

P.S., anyone interested in starting a pool on whether or not the SLA gives Cantina Loco, NoNoo Ramen, or French Quarter Cafe their liquor licenses before the sky rolls back like a scroll and the moon turns the color of blood?


  1. Really enjoying the behind-the-scenes updates.

  2. glad you like! thanks for reading.

    tell your friends. ;)


  3. cantina loco is less than 500 ft from a school-they better know some high power politians to get that liquor licenses.

  4. It has been my understanding that Loco's proximity to a school hasn't been the issue regarding the liquor license delays.