Tuesday, December 13, 2011

grist -- The Eights, no more.

  • Fully equipped bar / restaurant available 1/1/2012 in downtown Buffalo / medical corridor. $3000 per month NNN: rent includes all FFE (dishwasher lease transferable), 3600 sq. ft first floor + full basement storage.

    Ad Placed By: Agency/Locator Service

    Main Street at Allen (google map) (yahoo map) HMMMMMM.......... Who Could this Be?????

a few days ago, the above post showed up on the DiningRumor Facebook Page, courtesy, obviously of Kevin O'Connell, Jr., son of famed local personality Kevin O'Connell, and chef at O'Connell's American Bistro. the post was the body of a listing which was found here on craigslist.org, but has since been removed by its author.

you might remember this post, from October, in which i mentioned that O'Connell had been in talks with the ownership at The Eights Bistro.  It seems he remembered it too, as that is what he's apparently referencing.  I held onto the post for a few days, not being certain this unnamed restaurant was really referencing the Bistro we all know and love for its often creative vegan and vegetarian offerings.

thanks to the info from a rumormonger/industry associate who took some initiative to get to the bottom of things, we're left with no doubt: The Eights is finito.

some things to consider:  the craigslist listing is an ad for restaurant space -- the business itself is not for sale, so this is a real estate ad.  the next business to show up there likely won't be affiliated or connected with the Eights, unless that's part of their business plan.

also, that the ad has been removed already is pretty interesting.  apparently, in the last four days, there's been enough interest in the post to warrant its removal.  i'm sure it's been snapped up, and i'm keeping my ears open.  i wonder:  how soon could we see that place flip?  the availability of the space begins New Years day, but it's unrealistic to expect anything up and running that quickly.

let's just hope it doesn't stay empty.


  1. The Eights is still open. Let's all go and show them some love.

  2. by all means, please support them while we are still able.